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Residential customers come to Plus 5 because they want an electrical professional with the training and experience necessary to handle all of their electrical needs safely and at a reasonable cost. And they know that members of the Plus 5 community of electrical contractors have the skills and training to handle their projects effectively

Pre-Screening and Training Opportunities

All Plus 5 members are pre-screened to ensure they meet the quality standards Plus 5 has become known for and also receive plenty of ongoing training opportunities on all the latest techniques and technologies. As a member you can rest assured you’ll always be up to date on the new products and technologies that are in high demand in today’s residential and commercial buildings.

The Plus 5 Plan

Finally, all Plus 5 PDX member projects are protected with an additional 5-year warranty in addition to a builder’s one-year warranty, ensuring Plus 5 customers have even more incentive to select a Plus 5 PDX company for their project.

With all of these benefits, there’s no reason not to become a Plus 5 Member! To get started, simply fill out the short form below and a Plus 5 representative will be in touch with more information.

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